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Fasting: The FAQ

*cue dramatic music*

No, this isn’t a FAQ about fasting itself, e.g. what you should do to prevent sudden, cardiac, arrest after going 30+ days running on only beef bullion, salt and a desperate will to live to tell the tale, but a FAQ about why I’m fasting.

So, without further ado:

Q: Why are you doing a 40-day fast?

A: A couple of reasons:

1. I ate way way way too much over the holidays (the holidays, loosely defined as Halloween ’09 through, uh, this Sunday) and have a lot more to lose than normal. (Normal being 10-15lbs; right now, though, I’m competing w/ King Hippo for bragging rights.)

2. To prove that I can.

(Yes, that’s right: this is primarily a misguided effort at proving to myself that I can, indeed, go the distance come hell or high water (or pass a McDonald’s without succumbing to the siren song of special sauce).)

Q: So this isn’t some sort of whack-o religion thing?

A: No, not at all. I’m not a practicing anything and my beliefs in a higher power could best be characterized as small ‘d’ deism a la Anthony Flew.

Q: Why are you really doing this?

A: Because it’s a desperate cry for help and, as everyone knows, the best way to cry for help is to…not eat for 40 days. (Other, wiser, people might think faking a suicide or something dramatic would be more effective, but they’d be wrong, Mr.Knight.)

If there are more questions forthcoming (either from my four readers or that I can pretend have actually been asked like, um, these), I will update in subsequent posts.


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