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Houston’s, We Have a Problem

So I did a weigh-in today and a rough bodyfat estimate and, as it turns out, I probably don’t have nearly enough* lard packed on, even with the copious feeding I’ve been doing for months now, to live through a 40-day fast, so I’m faced w/ a dilemma: do I try to gain about 10 lbs. in the next 18 hours (at, say, Houston’s) in an epic, “FOR ROME!”, take no prisoners (but the entire dessert cart), artery-collapsing binge, or do I take my chances and hope I don’t cross the finish line looking like the love child of Kate Moss and Jack Skellington, with the stiff upper lip of the latter?

The answer: Sheer laziness will, uh, ‘force’ me to take the latter tack and hope I don’t perish en route to the Elysian Fields of svelteness and indomitable willpower, 40 days hence…hmm, no…that’s a bad metaphor given the membership requirements for entering…how about: en route to the Golden Corral of all-you-can-eat bacon and Pyrrhic victories, 40 days hence.

*Most of the fasting experts seem to assume about a pound/day weight loss, on average.

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