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Things I wish I’d known yesterday

Some things you don’t want to do/learn the first day of a long fast:

*Make super yummy awesome spaghetti sauce (and I make really good super yummy awesome spaghetti sauce) as a favor to someone.

*Go to the grocery store to get the ingredients for the preceding and ‘accidentally’ traipse through the Hostess/Little Debbie/Drake’s Cakes aisle (looking for a contact high) thus discovering what it’s like to be a 34 year old virgin (note: I am not 34 years old) air-dropped into a party at the Playboy mansion, circa the 1970s.

*Find out that the one thing you’re going to be eating for 40 days tastes about as good as you’d expect it would, i.e. the antithesis of super yummy awesome spaghetti sauce. (Think of something that tastes like salt with added…salt.)

All in all, as I approach hour 22 since my last meal (with only 938 to go!), I am decidedly leaning towards early-onset despair. (And, for the record, it isn’t the lack of food–it’s the knowledge that I won’t be eating anything for a further 39 days that does untold psychological damage…and then there’s the lack of food.)

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