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Time goes by…

…so slowly…and time can do so much…to make you crazy!*

So I’m coming up on 48 hours with zero food and, uh, wow…I never knew time could move so slowly. (I’m talking geologic with a side of galactic.)

And every waking minute I’m not preoccupied (which, clearly, isn’t nearly enough minutes) I’m thinking about the grousing of my stomach and putting something–anything!!–into it to quell the nascent rebellion but all I can do is engage in a war of attrition and hope it surrenders, post-haste. (Also, let me tell you: subsisting on beef/chicken bouillon w/ added salt is no way to live! For anyone!)

As an added bonus, I can barely concentrate for any substantial amount of time because I’m either thinking about eating and the glucose-starved lump of taffy (god I love taffy) that is my brain is having trouble with basic math, so this elaborate scheme I had to work on the (alleged) novel isn’t panning out–hopefully this slides by the wayside (the brainfog, not the novel) in the next few days.

So, to fill the time, I’ve been playing BioShock 2 (PC) which is OK, I guess. It certainly isn’t remotely as memorable as the first and, in many ways, feels like an expansion pack rather than an all-new experience. And, though I can’t be certain (I’m not really up for checking right now), I swear the graphics aren’t as good as the first, which would be very, very strange a couple of years on from the first.

Anyway, that’s enough updating for today. I’m going to go over in a corner and pray that the hunger pangs die a horrific death by tomorrow morning. (Oddly enough, I had expected ferocious headaches today, but they didn’t show up, so maybe, if I’m ‘lucky’, that will happen tomorrow to add another lay of distraction.)

*With all due respect to the Righteous Brothers.

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