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Cinging the blues

Hotel Closed
Hotel Closed?: Cing Files for Bankruptcy

McFly won’t like this news one bit:

Sad news indeed. Japanese site Data-Max reports that Hotel Dusk and Little King’s Story developer, Cing, hs filed for bankruptcy. The company has reportedly suffered some 256 million yen1 worth of liabilities.

Personally I don’t like this because Little King’s Story is one (of many) of the Wii’s unsung (OK, maybe not so much unsung as unbought) gems and Cing had a big part in creating it.

(A special thanks to all the ‘hardcore’ gamers that skipped on LKS, while purchasing Halo et al in the billions–clearly you guys are a discerning bunch of wine connoisseurs.)

1 For the yentally-challenged, though that sounds like more than the GDP of, well, everywhere these days, it’s actually ‘only’ 2.5 million USD. (Slightly more in Canadian Monopoly money and up that by a factor of eleventy-billion if you want the Mexican peso conversion.)

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  1. katex
    03/09/2010 at 12:12

    When I read this news I passed out under my cubicle desktop and nobody noticed including Ter… er, The Sib, so I was locked in overnight and when I finally came-to I was shivering and confused and had nothing to eat but a semi-crushed dusty cashew that I found under there amongst the also dusty cords and surge protectors and when the sun finally, finally did come up I had to fashion an outfit out of after-work yoga clothes neglected in my desk drawer and comb my hair with bic pens I macgrubered to a ruler with scotch tape and binder clips. That’s why I couldn’t respond until now. (Sorry, I didn’t mean to be insensitive when I mentioned the cashew.)

  2. Chi
    04/08/2010 at 11:47

    Wait… So no more little buddies? 😦

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