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Game ‘journalist’ rushed to hospital due to throat blockage

GameSpot loves bananas
Game ‘Journalist’ Does Hard-Hitting Interview

Here’s a case study in the bankruptcy of gaming ‘journalism’1 from GameSpot2 (re: the (finally) named Sony Move):

GS: Why did the idea of having motion controls come about now? What pushed you to head in this direction?

RM: We learned a lot from our experience creating EyeToy, from our consumer research, and from the experiences we have observed for other products. We also studied many different technologies over the last few years, including 3D cameras, ultrasonics, and magnetic sensors. We believe the combination of the camera and other sensors we have selected provides the best possible interactive solution for games. Our primary goal in creating the Motion Controller technology was to finally allow players to feel completely immersed in a game across all genres–sports, shooter, action, party. There’s really no limit with the types of game that the Motion Controller can enhance. Nothing currently on the market delivers an innovative experience that’s intuitive for casual gamers and engaging for hardcore fans, and that’s the opportunity the PS3 Motion Controller will fulfill.

Got that, kids? It wasn’t the mind-blowing success of the Nintendo Wii and it’s mold-breaking interface method that managed to sell the little white virus toy to everyone from little boys to grandma and grandpa: no, it was, of course, down to the fabulously forgotten EyeToy, even though Sony said motion controls, of this sort, were for losers (before quickly adding it to the PS3 controller) when the Wii was announced. (A fine tradition carried on to this very day where, all of a sudden!, Sony fans have had a change of heart! Microsoft fans are set to have their epiphany come the 4th quarter.)

But that’s not really the worst of it: since a corporate turbine spinning his way through an entire interview without mentioning the Wii as even a remote (haha!) inspiration is pretty much par for the course, it’s the tool from GameSpot’s (‘luckily’ enough, the hapless clown that conducted the interview is bylined as “Staff”) crack team of ‘journalists’ conducting this toe-sucking, wankfest-cum-PR circle jerk for Sony’s benefit, while hanging their readers out to dry with not so much as a single probing or insightful question, that is the real story here. (The only probing going on here is Sony testing the pH of GameSpot’s stomach.)

Earth to gaming ‘journalists’/PR whores (and GameSpot just happens to be one, of many, so very easy, targets): there’s a market out there for a site that will actually ask questions that aren’t sourced from the marketing arm of the individuals you’re ‘interviewing’. (This ‘interview’ more resembling a Quicktime Event: ‘press ‘X’ to open mouth and ask ludicrous banality–yes, that’s it…now press faster, faster, mmm, that’s it!…Now tap ‘X’, Quick! Faster! Hit ‘O’! Yes! Oh yes! You got the ‘exclusive’!). You would know this if you had a shred of credibility that you hadn’t sold to get your dream job or had even the vaguest notion of what journalism actually entails.

F*cking pathetic.

1 Making entertainment and sports journalists look like the love child of Mencken and Woodward & Bernstein.
2 Video at link is NSFW due to pornographic content.

  1. katex
    03/11/2010 at 13:27

    A site, if we are lucky, penned by one ECM. YOU ARE RIDICULOUSLY KEEN AND TALENTED! Stop hoarding the magic and become the consumer advocate of the video game industry!

  2. katex
    03/11/2010 at 13:28

    ps: i don’t know how to change my little wingdingy icon thingamabob or i would! help!

  3. ECM
    03/11/2010 at 17:27

    The ‘wingding’ thingee is a Gravatar–you need to go to gravatar.com and set it up!

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