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Publicist for Elvis claims he is “alive and well”

i'm not dead yet!
“I’m Not Dead Yet!”

Via Edge (and IGN and probably a half-dozen other sites on some sort of Russian doll-like (as imagined by Tim Burton) chain of links that originates with a puppet master in the bowels of Sony’s PR dept.):

Sony has said that its UMD format for the PlayStation Portable is far from dead, describing it as “alive and well”.

During a session for idependant[sic] developers at GDC last week, the company explained that it had no plans to stop supporting the format. PSP games will continue to be available digitally and in UMD format at retailers.

In addition to this, Sony released total sales figures for the handheld, putting it at 17 million units in North America and 60 million units worldwide.

For the record, here are some other things that are “alive and well”, according to Sony PR:

*Abe Vigoda
*AGW Theory
*Journalistic integrity
*Greece’s economy
*Germany’s fortunes in WWII
*Tiger Woods’ credibility
*Ted Striker’s drinking problem
*Kanye’s Mom1
*Jesse Ventura’s sanity
*The dinosaurs
*Lloyd’s chances w/ Mary
*Charlie Crist’s election hopes
*Sony’s success in the gaming sector

As for noting the disparity between Sony’s PR and real life, Edge (and IGN) had this to say on the topic: “

Yes, that’s right, they had nothing to offer while disseminating marketing materials…again.

Generally speaking, when someone needs to come out and state that everything is just fine and dandy, that’s your first sign to run screaming for the exits. But if that’s too much for the ‘journalists’ in gamedom to state, they could just point to the PSPGo which actually did away with the UMD altogether, the hellish piracy rates on PSP games, or the incredibly-shrinking library for the PSP in the year (and then some2) ahead as reasons why things might not be entirely “well” for the UMD format.

Of course, noting any of those things might pick some of Sony’s scabs, so better to just not mention it at all, since they just told us the UMD (and by extension, PSP) is “alive and well” and, uh, that’s that then. On to the next press release story!

1 Yes, I’m a d*ck, but Kanye is an a**hole, so… (Link NSFW!!)
2 Compare and constrast w/ the DS which has so many releases it can only fit through September, while PSP is covered through March…of 2011. (No, Einstein, it isn’t a zero-sum game but with the other factors mentioned above, that’s a whole lot of bad mojo.)

  1. katex
    03/15/2010 at 19:08

    you know what else is alive and well? you’re rad new profile pic. is that mac’s coach? i forget!

    • ECM
      03/15/2010 at 19:21

      Yeah! Doc Louis!

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