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Everybody hates 2D (even when it makes hundreds of millions of dollars)

UPDATE: NSMB Wii is now the best-selling Wii game ever, in Japan. (But why do I get the feeling that none of this matters to those that have a narrative established and they ain’t deviating from it except, perhaps, under the pain of death…or loss of traffic.)

An unmitigated flop, offering only empty nostalgia to desperate, old school, gamers1

Also, at the bitter end of that Kotaku ‘interview’ mentioned below, we get this from Sakamoto (apparently agreeing emphatically with the ‘fingers on the pulse of the industry’ Kotaku-ite):

Sakamoto broke off from his answer then to ask what I thought of the game. I told him that being a fan of the original series, I loved to see their return to some of those elements. But, I added, I don’t think a game like Metroid could be made now because people would expect more from the experience.

He seemed to agree.2

“Remember, 2D Metroid, if you just shot at the right height lined up at the target the bullets were going to hit the enemies,” he said. “A lot of people played those games purely out of habit, because they were so immersed in that world at that time.

“As you said, some of those games you just couldn’t make now. They have a feeling that has been lost to some extent. But we wanted to bring a little bit of that old feeling back while melding that nostalgia with the evolution of the gameplay experience here.”

I mean, it isn’t as if New Super Mario Bros. Wii has already sold 12.5+ million copies being ‘nothing more’ than a classic, 2D Mario, with a fresh coat of paint, right? Wait, what? It has?! Oh.

Lesson learned (again): never, ever take Kotaku or Sakamoto seriously again.

1 And 12.4 million other, misguided, fools.
2 Unlike the alleged ‘concession‘ below, we agree: Sakamoto is just as stupid as Crescente.

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