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FTL: Faster Then Light

Light! I see light!
I can almost taste the special sauce!

It’s day 28! And, yesterday, no less than three people uttered the magic words “hey, have you lost weight?” (OK, two said that and one said “dude, is your head smaller–it kinda looks like it fits on your doll-sized body now”, but I’ll take what I can get) so that has somewhat buoyed my rather dour mood.

Now that I’m in the homestretch, with a mere twelve (!) days to go, I’m weighing (cough) what to do after the requisite two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun, and I’m leaning towards the plan outlined in this book. (Short summary: intermittent fasting to lose weight, gain muscle and influence people–for more info on this, I suggest checking out this site, too.)

Since I’ve already got two other people actually on this diet right now, maybe they’ll drop in from time to time and share their progress until they crack and go on a HoHos binge. (Which has nothing to do w/ hoes, though it would be interesting if you could buy a box of those at the local market…then again, you can in some jurisdictions.)

Anyway, stay tuned for one of the reviews I promised (and failed to deliver) yesterday…

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