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That Was Fast

I swear it put a gun to my head and screamed “EAT ME!”

Yesterday I mentioned how a few friends had already embarked on an intermittent fast to promote weight loss and how, hopefully, they might share their thoughts/progress with us. Well, one of them lasted…6 hours which is, basically, the time between lunch and dinner, so WTG Captain Ironwill.

And the culprit? Cinnamon Special K. (Yeah, not only was it a mere 6 hours, but he cracked for fiber.)

Needless to say, you don’t ever want him in possession of vital intelligence since, if he’s captured, they’d just have to break out the hammer and tongs feather duster to get him to roll.

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  1. 03/24/2010 at 01:33


    …and it’s all gone now, so no worries about cracking tonight.

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