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Conventional Wisdom Takes One in the Gut

NYT in its primary role
The NYT: Finally Good for Something Else

So, as it turns out, eating six itty-bitty meals a day apparently offers near-zero benefit over consuming colossal ones provided, at the end of the day, they both contain the same, overall, number of calories:

The notion behind eating smaller, more frequent meals is simple: spreading out one’s daily calories over six meals stimulates the metabolism, keeping it going at a faster pace and thereby burning more calories.

But don’t count on it. As long as total caloric and nutrient intake stays the same, then metabolism, at the end of the day, should stay the same as well. One study that carefully demonstrated this, published in 2009 in The British Journal of Nutrition, involved groups of overweight men and women who were randomly assigned to very strict low-calorie diets and followed for eight weeks. Each subject consumed the same number of calories per day, but one group took in three meals a day and the other six.

One more instance of where conventional wisdom proves to be anything but wise.

(Of course real men–the Arch-Nerd naturally excluded–just don’t eat for 30+ days…or so I’m told.)

H/T: Leangains

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  1. Chi
    03/24/2010 at 16:01

    So if you put a buffet out of business after your forty days is done, does it all sorta balance out?

  1. 03/25/2010 at 00:56

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