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The Joke(r) of Fighters

KOFXII had some rather massive problems:

  • Lousy roster both in quantity and quality.
  • Generic movelists that saw far too much sharing between, allegedly, different fighters.
  • A chopped down home version that, for reasons still not entirely understood, lacked even the rudiments of an arcade-to-console port.
  • Severe lag in the online component.
  • A shocking, some would say unforgivable, lack of spheroid modified sudoriferous glands.

But with today’s news, all that is about to become (unpleasant) history as Mai Shiranui (and the twins) is making her triumphant return to champion weightlifting street fighting in The King of Fighters XIII:

Mai is back!

SNK Playmore had been teasing a preview for the latest KOF for a little while now and today was the day they finally showed the game off in Japan. Fans who missed Mai last time will be happy to know that she is back (she’s on the main page for the KOFXIII site which is where the image above came from1) and the game is already confirmed to be showing up at the next Arcadia Cup Tournament in Japan. AM-Net has a number of pics but at the moment it seems that their server is being overwhelmed so you may or may not see the pics. I was able to get a couple of them which you can see below, click to enlarge2.

Want more? Click through to Arcade Heroes to keep abreast of the situation:


UPDATE: The Arch-Nerd says: “I think you like Asian girls dressed up as Mai, more than Mai as a character.” Not true! I do not discriminate based on race/ethnicity:

Mai White

Note: the only reason there aren’t pics of a black or hispanic or Martian Mai is that I can’t find any, so if you got ’em, share!

*Or maybe it’s just a really slow day.
1 No, not that image–click-through to get the correct context.
2 Enlarge? I’m not sure my monitor is that big.

  1. 03/25/2010 at 14:08

    That last pic is from some convention in Mexico it seems D:

    • ECM
      03/25/2010 at 14:16

      OK, well, see! No discrimination here!

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