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Buy Mario Galaxy 2 (or Halo Reach), Get Little King’s Story (Almost!) Free

UPDATE: Wal-Mart also has a $20 gift card deal for SMG2 (also applicable to Halo Reach) and, wouldn’t you know it, they also have Little King’s Story for $9.96 after applying those funds. (So it looks to me like you’re all out of excuses, Little King.)

They Go Together Like Chocolate and Awesome

You’re going to buy it anyway (if you have any sense1), so you might as well pick up Super Mario Galaxy 2 at Amazon where they’re cutting 2/3rds off the price off Little King’s Story giving you a $20 “Game Credit” to spend on other, gaming-related, merch.

And since you’ll be flush with twenty, free-ish, dollars, might I suggest Little King’s Story! After the credit it will cost you less than ten bucks! You can’t even get a handjob effusive praise for that little money!

(And, yes, it’s still a very, very, very slow news day that would go a lot quicker if you had Little King’s Story! (Little King’s Story!)

H/T: Tiny Cartridge (who is far too cool to post pingbacks and also neglected to mention that you can get Little King’s Story for $9.96 when coupled w/ this deal.)

1 Sorry, Malstrom, but you can like NSMB Wii and SMG at the same time, plus, you should be playing Little King’s Story.

  1. Chi
    03/26/2010 at 10:43

    So… Little King’s Story is good, right?

    • ECM
      03/26/2010 at 11:45

      Two words: little buddies.

      Four more: An army of them.

  2. Chi
    03/26/2010 at 13:22


    I’m on it.

  3. 04/05/2010 at 14:53

    I’ll buy them both.

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