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Bill Gates Lops Off Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand

Give him a hand
All I wanted was some more storage space that didn’t cost me an arm…oh, wait…

On the plus side, they don’t ask for your firstborn…yet:

According to the retailer, each drive includes one month of Xbox Live Gold. A quick look at other SanDisk 16GB flash drives shows a $20-$30 mark-up on the Xbox-branded product, though Microsoft and/or SanDisk has yet to confirm if GameStop’s prices are accurate.

The Xbox 360 will be able to use USB-based hard drives and memory for game saves and other data after a system update, coming on April 6. Up to 16GB will be usable per device, with users able to connect two at a time for a total of 32GB of USB storage.

As they rightly note, comparable prices for the same thing (minus a month of Live) are $20-30 cheaper. This would be shocking except MS has been ripping people off for 3.5″ SATA drives for years now, so the only surprise is that the price is only double what a comparable, non-360-branded, product costs. And that someone at MS isn’t gnawing on your bone marrow. For fun.

Now I’m as cold-blooded and capitalist as they come, but this is pretty clearly just this side of aggravated assault so, in the interests of poking MS in the eye (again), here’s a few links to far less expensive alternatives:

Amazon: 8GB/16GB
New Egg: 8GB/16GB
Pricewatch: 8GB/16GB

Oh, and if you really need a bigger HDD for your 3601:

1 Because there was no chance they were going to start letting you use drives with anything more than meager space to protect their HDD monopoly–a Monopoly where the only ones collecting $200 are them.

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