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Where’s None of the Above??

I link this not because I enjoy1 reading Classical Values, but because of the poll on the right side of the page:


Would you believe that, as of this post, “Buried alive” is ‘winning’ as the way you’d least like to go out of the panoply of horrors on offer?

Personally, I find the thought of being “Flayed alive” a far more daunting prospect than choking on some dirt for a minute or two before asphyxiation renders it a moot point, which naturally leads me to believe that some people need a refresher course on reading comprehension. (It’s that or they’re all masochists that would make the Marquis de Sade look like a shrinking violet.)

Still, I give the proprietor of the site this: it certainly beats the typical blog poll:

1 I do.

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