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Like Xenogears With (A Lot) Less Text

Nietzsche Approves

A new trailer for the first (of two) Nintendo Great RPG Hopes, Xenoblade:

Andriasang fills in the blanks:

“Long ago, when this world was nothing more than endless sea and unbroken sky no matter where you went, two giant gods were born — Kyoshin and Kishin. The gods fought for their lives. And then, they became corpses.”

“Now, after many tens of thousands of days and nights…”

The clip cuts to an intense battle where there’s lots of stuff being said. I couldn’t pick up most of it immediately, but one bit caught my eye. At the 1:25 mark, one character seems to be rallying his fellow soldiers in battle against the Kishin armies. It seems that this is a battle between the two sides of the Xenoblade world.

Following some impressive camera work that takes us from the battle field to a side view of the two gods locked in their final pose, the narrator, presumably the game’s main character, returns and says “Our world, the land that expands atop the corpse of the Kyoshin.”

Sounds intriguing, though I’d be lying if I said that I’m much of a fan of Tetsuya Takahashi’s work and am only intrigued because the concept is appealing (the adventure takes place on the corpse of a dead god or two) and the graphics are very good (you guessed it!) for a Wii game.

However, the minute they start weaving in Biblical mythology-through-an-Eastern-acid-trip-on-crack-lens and unskippable cinemas that go on for 40 nigh-interminable, abusive, days and nights is the minute I bolt for the hastily-constructed panic room situated in the belly of a large, ocean-going, mammal to live out my days in text-free bliss. Until I’m excreted. (But I won’t go quietly.)

  1. 03/31/2010 at 00:27

    Color me interested, hopefully is the exact opposite of the Xenosaga games.

    • ECM
      03/31/2010 at 00:32


  2. 03/31/2010 at 00:41

    Hopefully the music is rocktastic, just like it was in Xenogears.

  3. kog3100_edw
    03/31/2010 at 14:52

    This actually looks pretty good to me too.
    And that’s coming from an OCCASIONAL RPG dipper.

    • ECM
      03/31/2010 at 14:55

      As long as you’re not a ‘rammer’ it’s all good šŸ™‚

  4. kog3100_edw
    03/31/2010 at 16:17

    Uh, see Justin for all your ramming needs. If Xenoblade was a woman…

    I’d hit that.

    • ECM
      03/31/2010 at 16:23

      Yeah, I’m gonna have to pass on Justing…at least until after the operation.

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