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Cammy Gets Boxed Out

For reasons inexplicable, Cammy has been cut from the box of Super Street Fighter IV for its Western release:

Before: Cammy                                                    After: Dud(ley)

Capcom’s ‘reasoning’ goes like this:

We brought in color and texture to the background, swapped the placement of Juri and Chun-Li, and dropped out Cammy for the awesome [Ed: Awesome?! Where?! On Planet Lame?!] Dudley. We did this because we know you guys love you some Dudley! But the other reason was that we now have three series represented with those three characters. Adon = Alpha / Dudley = 3rd Strike / Dee Jay = Super SFII. Add in SF’s leading man and woman, Ryu and Chun-Li from SFII, and Juri from Super SFIV, we almost have a full SF representation.

Whomever these ‘people’ are that love Dud(ley)–especially in lieu of Cammy a delectable strong-willed woman who fights for what she believes in–need to stand and be counted so, when the re-ordering comes, they can be the first tossed into the combine.

So, in memoriam of our fallen Delta Red commando, we present this retrospective pictorial of Cammy, in happier times (we recommend musical accompaniment in the form of Sir Mix-A-Lot’s seminal1 1992 work Baby Got Back as you vigorously stro–err, remember her in your heart):


come here




Capcom will rue the day they forced our hand on this (especially that last one…rawr).

1 So close…

  1. 04/01/2010 at 01:35

    I say we get Feminist groups on this matter. Capcom won’t know what hit them!

    • ECM
      04/01/2010 at 01:38

      Damn straight! I’ll get Playboy and Hustler on this, stat! Those are feminist groups, right?

  2. 04/01/2010 at 09:38

    I happen to really like Dudley, he might be my favorite Third Strike character. But him over a pretty girl? That ain’t right.

    • ECM
      04/01/2010 at 12:53

      When the cleansing comes, you will be spared, for thou art wise.

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