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Big Hollywood: Critics Suck (Even Them)

Ebert: his sense of decency perished with Siskel

I tend to agree with John Nolte’s formulation (especially the part about why, even though they suck, we still pay attention to me them):

Does the fact that I’ve watched more films than the average American, that I’ve read more about film history, give me some sort of special standing as a decider in the what-is-and-is-not-worth-ten-bucks department?


As a matter of fact, it gives me less standing because this passion and profession of mine sets me apart from the workaday folks who not only keep the world turning but make up a vast majority of the movie-going public. It’s just true that for every year that passes where I’m fortunate enough to make this living, it means that I have even less in common with those who don’t. I’m thrilled to get paid for this, but when it comes to film recommendations my parents are much more qualified. My mother’s a school teacher and for fifty years my father’s kept your cars on the road and various nursing homes up to code. Not only do their professions matter more than mine, so do their thumbs up or down.

Read it all substituting “games” for “movies” and adjusting prices accordingly, etc. (Warning: if Sarah Palin gives you hives, you probably want to stop reading at “But the movie gods always have the last laugh…” and/or go see a therapist.)

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