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Microsoft Does Love PS3!

I Heart (hate) you
He Loves Me…Not.

No, really, he does:

“No disrespect, there’s things I love about the PS3, but that’s not one of them.” he continued. “We want the online experience to be fun and optimised for the living room, and we’ll continue to add more applications to get more richness”

So what does Greenberg love about the PS3? He’s not telling! But in this sudden spirit of intentionally rhetorically ambiguous statements1 here are The Top Ten things that Aaron Greenberg (big cheese at Microsoft) Loves About the PS3:

10. That it’s selling less software than 360.
9. That the general public believes Natal isn’t just a newer iteration of the EyeToy.
8. It costs more, at retail, than a 360.
7. The YLOD appears to, finally, be a bigger problem than RROD (RIP). (YMMV.)
6. You can’t run Linux on it anymore.
5. Two words: Demon’s Souls.
4. That it costs Sony more money to produce, per unit, than the 360.
3. That, unlike Sony, Microsoft doesn’t own the browser market so there’s no reason…wait…what? Oh…
2. Two more words: No Halo.

And the number one reason Aaron Greenberg, 100,000 RPM turbine for Microsoft, loves the PS3:

1. It isn’t selling as well as the 360.

*cue band* (then kill yourself)

1 Five bucks says Edge didn’t bother following up on this disingenuous rhetorical flourish.

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