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What a Nightmare

Even the idea stings a bit

That is, porting a stylus-heavy game that originated on the DS to a system that not only doesn’t have a stylus, but only has one screen and no touch-screen capability at all:

Different from the DS version, the PSP will not have stylus controls. In its place, the PSP version uses the analogue stick. Making the game easy to play with the control switch was difficult, said the staff. They made continual adjustments to the analogue controls right through the end of development. They also adjusted the shape and paths of the bullets you have to avoid in order to better match play via the analogue controller.

Also of concern in making the PSP version was the switch from two screens to one. The game puts a lot of information on screen, all of which is vital for strategy, and making the screen easy on the eyes while still packing in all the information was difficult.

It was a fun little game on DS, but this translation of an interview with the dev team, Sting, doesn’t exactly fill me with optimism that it’s going to even be close to how the original played.

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  1. 04/06/2010 at 17:58

    The above description of the controls would work great, had they not included the words “PSP” and “Analog Stick”. KitN demands speed and precision with the control; A feature the PSP’s analog stick can’t really live up to.

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