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Like Product Placement, But Different…Somehow

Do the dude

Generally speaking, I don’t care about product placement in games (particularly in sports games and the like where it adds some extra realism) but if this is the best1 Kojima can do in justifying it, he’d be better off keeping his mouth shut rather than insulting his fanbase’s intelligence:

Wrote Kojima earlier today: “Regarding the collaborations, I have one reason for doing them. It’s because I want to surprise the players. If the surprise and freshness were lost, I would stop the collaborations. It’s different from Hollywood-style merchandizing.”

You know what I’d respect more (short of him just keeping quiet about it)? “I’m doing it for the money, just like Hollywood does it for the money, cause Daddy needs a new Italian sports car”–anything beyond that is incredibly disingenuous. (I don’t recall the producer of Phantasty Star Online Portable 2 attempting to justify crass marketing tie-ins w/ an artiste’s flourish of “oh, we’re just trying to surprise the player with our ramen noodle tie-in! Don’t you get it! It’s not about marketing, it’s about those delicious ramen noodles and sweet, sweet Fanta cola, cause everyone on Ragol loves Fanta!“)

I mean, can you even imagine this scene from a Hollywood pitch meeting:

Producer: OK, so we have all this loot from Coca-Cola to place their product all over the movie so that it’s incredibly, err, surprising’ to the audience…

Director: brilliant! Absolutely bloody2 brilliant! I can surprise the moviegoer with my deft use of Coke cans everywhere–I’ll be the next Andy Warhol, but with a much nicer Italian sports car thanks to all the filthy product placement cash, but that’s just a bonus cause it’s mainly about the viewers emotions pulled taught due to the presence of hundreds of aluminum cans!

Producer: you have a great career ahead of you my boy! Now, on your knees…

: yes, master.

Actually, I guess I can imagine that…

Anyway, does anyone actually believe the words coming out of Kojima’s Doritos hole? Anyone? Does anyone actually believe that he’s doing this to “surprise” the player (while sucking the player out of the game at the same time like the dregs of a can of sweet, sweet Mountain Dew) even in some weirdo, ‘artistic’ meta way?

Also: buy AXE body spray, so when Snake goes in for that close-range kill, at least the bad guy will smell the fragrance of angels3 before his neck gives way:

I don’t even like the series and even I wish this was just a bad dream

1 I’ve played MGS2 so this is, in fact, the best he can do.
2 He’s British.
3 I don’t know what AXE smells like because I don’t star in the Jersey Shore.

  1. 04/09/2010 at 00:58

    There was no need for Kojima to say that, ad placement in japanese media is extremely common. Now, seeing this in a game like this one is quite odd, but again, trying to pass this as some sort of, errr, creative surprise is just silly.

  1. 04/08/2010 at 17:04

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