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Yeah, But Is It Fun?

Ian Molyneux

Via Ian Livingstone’s Twitter feed:

At Lionhead today. Peter Molyneux gave me a private demo of his ‘secret’ project. Incredibly ambitious and innovative.

Yeah, um, really that’s great and all, but aren’t we talking about a video game? Shouldn’t a meaningful compliment contain “fun” or “wickedly entertaining” or “even better than drinking Jenga” amongst its superlatives? I mean, we’re not talking about the latest over-hyped Apple product, are we? We are talking about a video game, yes?

But, no, fun is out and “subversive“, “epic” and “unplayable” “innovative” are in so, even though it might not be fun at all, well, at least it’s “breaking down walls” or “changing paradigms” or “having delusions of grandeur”.

Naturally, the gaming media, being the starving pack of wild dogs that they are, have dutifully amplified this into “Huge News!” and are, no doubt, feverishly-wanking bidding on who can sell out the, err, fastest for the “exclusive”.

(It is nice to see, though, that Molyneux, who’s games can’t cash the checks his hyperbole writes, has outsourced such things to his friends who can serve as proxies, crafting carefully-worded1, soundbites in his stead since he’s sworn-off shredding what’s left of his credibility.)

1 A real cynic (not me, no sir!) might tend to think the omission of anything at all to do with fun, etc., might be more telling than the tweet itself. (Or I could just be paranoid/pedantic/have nothing else to post but, again, we are talking about Peter Molyneux here, so I’m going to stick with my original thesis: Peter Molyneux has kidnapped Ian Livingstone, locked him in the basement, and is forcing him to Tweet the things he’d like to say but can’t. What? That’s plausible…)

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