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Around the Sidebar in 120 Seconds

roo beer
Roo’ Beer: Made with only the finest hops

Here’s a sampling of the latest posts for those ‘lucky’ enough to populate my sidebar:

*Arcade Heroes notes an update of arcade manu Pipeline Games’ site.
*Gameroom Blitz is on to me! (And that Pac-Man lunchbox is awesome–I had the *same* one as a kid!)
* Curmudgeon Jack Loftus at iatm acts…curmudgeonly towards GoW3 (I nod approvingly).
*KoG hasn’t actually updated in a few days, but you can re-read his post on, um, boys…
*Pitch to Pixel pimps his sales data on, uh, Pitch to Pixel.
*The Nerd kicks in some Falcom-related aural entertainment. (No, not that kind of oral.)
*The Wanderer, despite me nagging in the comments, refuses to update!
*Thoughts of Fei also rips me off! Sonofa!
*And, finally, WK, king of killjoys, blogs about abortion…in Nebraska…Zzzz…

Wanna get linked in the sidebar? You know what to do…

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  1. 04/15/2010 at 01:06

    How do I vote your post down?

    Uh, I mean, if I had time to do things like that. Which I don’t. Because I am a serious, serious scholar!

    • ECM
      04/15/2010 at 01:07

      Here’s something you can vote down, Archimedes.

  2. 04/15/2010 at 01:08

    Oh look, someone voted your comment down, and mine up. Nobody likes you!

    • ECM
      04/15/2010 at 01:08

      I’m used to it, Pythagoras.

  3. 04/15/2010 at 01:11

    I’m working on it D:

  4. 04/15/2010 at 01:15

    You need to drop this on your main page:


    • ECM
      04/15/2010 at 01:15


  5. 04/15/2010 at 07:16

    HA! Curmudgeon. Love it. Also, a rogue. I feel blessed.

  6. kog3100_edw
    04/15/2010 at 16:17

    My site has a new post.
    It more blatantly discusses putting long things in your mouth.

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