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Prince of Persia Gets Blocked

This wouldn’t have been my first 8,756,353rd choice for a Lego setting

I loved Lego as a kid: the original space series being as cherished a part of my childhood as The Chronicles of Narnia, the Atari 2600 and beating the crap out of The Sib, but now that Lego has become “serious business”, in large part thanks to three, God-awful, movies, we’re ‘treated’ to increasingly irrelevant (to 30-something geeks1) settings like that of Prince of Persia2 based on, what I’m now 99.9% sure, will be an absolutely awful movie: Disney’s3 Prince of Persia The Sands of Time:

yes...an ostrich race...
Marvel as you take part in The Ostrich Race ’cause every movie, no matter how anachronistic, has to have a chase sequence!

Gasp with amazement at the dangliness (??) of the LEGO® Prince of Persia™ Prince Dastan Key Chain! (With matching LEGO® Prince of Persia™ Princess Tamina Key Chain!)

kaaba cops
And Fight for the Dagger while hocking assorted fruits and vegetables! Cause kids love…vegetables? (Perfect for a clichéd fight sequence as lots of wackiness ensues when the ‘menacing’ bad guys trip and slip like a bunch of Kaaba Kops! Or Nazis/Imperial Stormtroopers/members of the Italian armed forces.)

With set-pieces like these, how bad could the movie be?

H/T: Skyliner32

1 What? We’re not the target market?!
2 The original is still one of my top-ten all-time favorite games, but nearly everything since then has been way, way, way down the list.
3 Kiss of death right there if it isn’t animated or has “Pirates” in its name.


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