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Bad Day for Arrogance Inc.

Preparation H, STAT!

Did I say Arrogance? What I meant to say was Arrogance…dammit, did it again…slowly now: A-C-T-I-V-I-S-I-O-N. Ah, much better (for me–for Activision, not so much):

Rock group No Doubt has won the latest round in its lawsuit against video game giant Activision Blizzard Inc. over the company’s use of the group’s music and image in the Band Hero video game.

No Doubt sued Activision after the game was released in November, saying its contract authorized the use of avatars representing each of the four band members in three No Doubt songs, but that Activision made it possible for the avatars to be “unlocked” and used in conjunction with several dozen other songs that came with the game. No Doubt argued that Activision breached their contract, which required prior written approval for any other uses of the band’s music or likenesses.

So, round 1 goes to a bunch of misanthropes that make tons of money off the braindead and disinterested. (That’d be the other group of misanthropes: No Doubt.) Activision will, naturally, appeal and continue to seek a venue more favorable to their case like, say, Bobby Kotick’s lounge.

And in other news, the intentional-destruction of Infinity Ward…wait, what? It isn’t intentional? Oh man, are you sure? I could swear, from the view back here, that it had to be intentional, I mean, how else do you explain this:

An understandably anonymous Infinity Ward insider had this to say about the flailing studio today:

“IW as you know it is dead…and it will continue to crumble. There are a lot more veterans who are definitely going to leave.”

Of Activision management, the source also added:

“They never saw this coming. They can’t believe what’s going on. At first they gave us some bull**** about moving up payments of all the money they owe us to sooner increments. That was when [designer] Todd [Alderman] and [engineer] Frank [Gigliotti] left. But with the announcement of Respawn and all the people leaving, they just got their heads in their hands.

… They fired the two most amazing leaders we’ve ever seen, and then shafted us all out of a lot of money that was promised to us…there is nothing they can do to gain our trust or respect. And I’m pretty sure they know it now.””

Oh, right: Kotick.

Ya know, all of a sudden, this drive to put an RPG in every pot and a flying horse in every garage makes a lot more sense in light of the potentially-bleak financial outlook for Activision, doesn’t it?

Now, to be fair, this is only one side of the story from a (clearly) disgruntled employee, so it wouldn’t be fair to start shouting “nyahnyahnyah Bobby” until our lungs are raw and bloody just yet, but man, I think it’s safe to say that we can let out a small one for now, so: nyah, Bobby, nyah. (Oops, two small ones…oh well, I owe ya one, chief.)


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