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Kindling for the Fire (Flower)

I’m pretty sure this is absolutely terrible, gameplay-wise, as the last thing in the world an e-ink screen should be running is any sort of game:

However, what is neat is that it’s Super Mario Bros running on a Kindle1, so the little2 geek inside me is doing cartwheels…awkwardly.

1 I have one and I love it to death even if it plays Super Mario Bros about as well as someone playing with Lincoln Logs during a gran mal3 seizure.
2 It’s actually about the same size as me, with one small part of my brain set aside for mingling…awkwardly…with the opposite sex.
3 Which are now, apparently, known as tonic–clonic seizures. (Don’t say you never learned anything of value–like, say, for an ep of Jeopardy or a heated match of Trivial Pursuit–when visiting this blog.


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