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Stuff You May Have Missed Yesterday

Chocobo by etherrawen

*Church. (I presume some of you actually still do this, even if you won’t admit it.)
*Brunch at the Four Seasons.
*The Red Sox got hammered (yay!) and the Yanks hammered O’s, alleged, team.
*Spending the day outside. (Assuming you don’t live in northern New England with the rest of The Damned.)
*Kick-Ass, which didn’t really kick ass so much as kinda make you wonder how we came to a point where a little girl, cutting people into kindling, is considered high entertainment.1
*Maybe some stuff on this blog.2 (And don’t forget Saturday.)

1 Oh, and parent of the year, sitting in the row behind me w/ your pre-teen kids at a super-violent, R-rated, film: thanks a f*ckload for helping breed the next generation of misanthropic asshats cause, God knows, the world didn’t have enough of those already. (And before anyone starts w/ me: no, one viewing of Kick-Ass isn’t going to make them into anti-social reprobates, but it’s a good indication that, as far as raising your kids is concerned, you’re doing it wrong.)
2 But not, of course, those of you in northern New England who had nothing better to do than surf the ‘net all day as God hates you, there is no Four Seasons (or even, it seems, more than two seasons) in the neighborhood and, well, you’re probably a Red Sox fan so you can’t even take solace in that thanks to the g*d damn rain.

  1. kog3100_edw
    04/19/2010 at 13:36

    Regarding the underage kids in Kick-Ass (or other wildly inappropriate films): Yeah, this is one I see periodically and really gets my goat. Probably the most egregious example I can remember was some trailer park Dad taking a kid that could not have been older than six into Romero’s Land of the Dead. I was flabbergasted. My concern for what the child was seeing actually impinged on my paying attention to the film, though she wasn’t loud.

    As someone who devotes a considerable amount of time to tracking down and viewing so-called ‘transgressive cinema’ (watched and ‘liked’ Martyrs last night), you’d think I’d be callous as to who watches what… but its actually the opposite. I have to kids and I’m EXTREMELY protective about what they watch. I think kids, as much as anyone, should be challenged by what they watch sometimes… Where The Red Fern Grows, anyone? But cripes, people are just effin’ blind or stupid when it comes to their kids. I don’t believe exposure to graphic films, TV, or games is the reason behind all the evils of the world, but in a time where empathy (a socially imperative quality) is at an all time low, we are just packing our kids with desensitizing material.

    • ECM
      04/19/2010 at 13:46

      Yeah, I was very much taken aback and I’m not even a parent (someday, maybe!)

      Still, as bad as this was, it wasn’t as bad as the time a friend of mine saw Blade 2 at the theater and FOUR YEAR-OLDS were in attendance.

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