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They Can Use My Gun

he insists
Japanese for: make this g-d game!

Well, if he insists:

In a recent interview with GamesTM, Shigeru Miyamoto seemed to express interest in having a new Star Fox game made. If he’s really interested, it looks like there’s one acclaimed developer ready for the task.

Platinum Games’ Hideki Kamiya, director of the critically acclaimed Bayonetta and Okami, had quite a bit to say on this matter at his Twitter when a follower pointed out the interview to him yesterday.

First, he Tweeted: “If they had the team that made Star Fox 64 make it…”

He then followed with: “I want Nintendo’s staff to come to Platinum, stick guns at us and tell us ‘You guys make a new Star Fox.'”

I guess just asking nicely was out of the question? Or maybe he’s into men brandishing large ‘guns’ at him.1 (Not that I’m judging–after all, as long as he isn’t a furry, it’s all good.)

1 Yep, getting Monday off on the right foot w/ a barely-coherent dick joke–I’ll be here all week!

  1. 04/19/2010 at 10:57

    I would gladly do the deed and add : “and make it for arcades.” It was a real shame that they never finished Star Fox Arcade a few years ago. Give that sucker a yoke controller and I’d be in heaven.

  2. 04/19/2010 at 16:33

    Kamiya and the platinum guys can make any game they want, other companies should be looking for them i say for doing the same with other franchises.

  3. Chi
  1. 04/19/2010 at 11:48

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