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Wii Hackers Reveal Their Next Project

not awesome
Wii wouldn’t want to Vii the owner of this

I’ve been waiting years1 for this day:

Every once in a while, you stumble upon something that nobody else seems to have paid much attention to. This all started with my investigation into a glorious product named the Vii.

I can’t really give a great justification as to why this thing was so damned interesting to me, but it seemed weird and quirky and nobody really knew much about it. I thought it might be fun to try to emulate awesome games such as “Fry Egg” on the real Wii, but didn’t really know where to begin — aside from getting my hands on one. When it finally arrived in the mail from China, I opened it up to find myself faced with a couple of epoxy blobs.

OK, so it isn’t exactly the next coming of the Homebrew Channel (or, even, making LCD sea urchins2) but it’s something else to toy around with until HackMii finally cracks3 the DS, thus freeing me to actually buy a DSiXL since, in Nintendo’s infinite wisdom, they forbid transferring DSiWare between machines.

1 Did I say years? I meant to say “I have nothing to post today so I’ve gotten a little desperate so here’s some info on something you’d never, in a million years, care about.”
2 At least they glow-in-the-dark–what does the Vii do?
3 Yes, hackers do provide valuable services that the original equipment manufacturer intentionally omits.

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  1. 04/19/2010 at 14:01

    Ah yes, I recall watching some youtube footage on this thing. Doesn’t the commercial have some exert “This is Jon from America. He likes football and Chintendo Vii”.?

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