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King of the Skeleton Warriors Speaks

stop motion skels
Where’s the remote?!

Ray Harryhausen (I’d be lying if I said I knew he was still alive) speaks with England’s Telegraph paper in an interesting piece:

So has he been to see Avatar, the most expensive film ever made? “No, I haven’t. Films meant everything to me at a certain age, but as you get older you lose some of that drive.” What about something that touches him more personally – the 3D remake of Clash of the Titans? “I haven’t been involved with it at all. I was surprised when I heard about it, because I thought we’d made the definitive version!”

I can tell you this much, Ray: yes, it was the definitive version and superior in pretty much every way to the tragedy that came out a few weeks back. (Even if your comment was sweetly tongue-in-cheek.)

I link this because I am just old enough to still recall (and appreciate) his work and all he eventually inspired–thank you, sir, for some very pleasant memories.

  1. kog3100_edw
    04/20/2010 at 18:39

    Having chatted with Harryhausen and actually prodded a couple of his creations in awe and glee, I can attest that he is an awesomely nice chap. But he is definitely a man of his time and has no interest really in opening his mind to new FX concepts. He has kind of become the wrong guy to ask about modern FX in movies. I used to feel quite the same way he did in the nascent CG days– and quite a few years beyond. But gradually as the effects have developed, I have experienced a change of heart and see a lot of the CG artists as inheritors of Harryhausen’s legacy. A surprising amount of the work between the two ‘generations’ is really similar.

    Now there is STILL an incredible amount of crap CGI, and it is much more readily available to filmakers than crap stop-motion was available to SFX guys in the 40s through 80s. So poor choices and usage are commonplace. But still CG is the now and everafter in visuals, so at this point I think good examples need to be embraced in a way Mr Harryhausen is just unable to do.

    • 04/21/2010 at 03:36

      The problem is not the CGI per se, but how you use it on a movie. CGI should help enhace a story, but these days many movies are being made around the CGI, and not the other way around.

      Also, i had the bad luck of seeing the Clash of the Titans remake recently, it was shit, mierda, etc etc.

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