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Natal: Boot Up and Hands-On

natal icu
If it’s a fake, someone had a lot of time on their hands

The boot of Italy, of course, which scored this hands-on info from their mom’s best friend’s uncle’s neighbor’s kid:

Exclusively on Multiplayer.it and thanks to our readers we can present you the first pictures ever published Project Natal, taken during a testing phase for speech recognition. Our source, who asked to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, says he was recruited by a company marketing and market research Italian and was recruited to carry out such testing on that Christmas will continue for four months, ie a mirror of time commensurate with the alleged date of issuance of the apparatus final. The photos show what we are told to be a prototype of Natal and we do not know what the final version.

Click-through to get the rest of the Google-translated1 details, although there isn’t anything terribly exciting to glean except that it tracks motion on a motorized base and has badly-illustrated images from a quick start guide. (And the lack of video, in this day and age, can be a telltale sign that this isn’t exactly on the up and up.)

1 Non mi piace di Google, ma il mio italiano è di circa buono come il mio Klingon. (And my Klingon, despite what you might assume, is non-existent, smart guy.)

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