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The Sad Thing Is It Won’t Come Close to $30,000

nes libI think I see my social life flashing before my eyes

It’s not a god-awful Atari 2600 game, but it seems someone on eBay is letting go of the entire licensed NES library (minus Stadium Events, of course):

You too can own every licensed NES game (except for Stadium Events) in one fell swoop. Go from having no collection at all to the collection that all your friends will envy. Bidding started at $0.99 but is now above $300.

A seller on ebay has listed their entire Nintendo NES collection plus they’ve alphabetized it for you, that’s worth a bit extra I would think.

You wouldn’t get any unlicensed games like Peek-A-Boo Poker, Hot Slots, Bubble Bath Babes, or Nintendo World Championships.

Granted, there are no boxes and you can play all of these games in myriad other, erm, ways, but for the right price it makes a nice geek trophy with which to repel the opposite sex.1

1 Don’t worry: if you were contemplating splashing out for this, it isn’t like you were getting any girls anyway. (Trust me: I’m an expert on this with years of firsthand experience.)

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