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Will Wright Notes That the Emperor Has No Clothes

Wright on!

A game god that can still be reasonably called a game god has this to say about Natal (and Move):

“I doubt they’ll have the same impact the Wii had. In some sense, they feel like evolutions, or evolutionary technologies. I think Natal feels like a better EyeToy, which is going to have some interesting applications. I don’t think it’s going to change the face of gaming or anything. I think that having motion control, like in a Wii controller, is something that both Microsoft and Sony are catching up to, but again it almost suggests certain toy-like applications.”

First of all, Wright is hedging here by adding the qualifier “I doubt” instead of “I know”, probably because he’s a nice guy and wants to work with MS/Sony in the future. (I suffer from no such limitations and can say: “there’s no way in hell a Wiimore knock-off or a jacked-up EyeToy are going to have the same impact.” And you can quote me on that…again.)

What I do like, however, is that Wright, err, rightly points out that Natal is, basically, a streamlined, sexed-up, EyeToy, (which probably means the Molyneux killbots are on the march) and then he doubles-down and calls them “toys”. (Now, to be fair, Wright’s invocation of the fanboy’s favorite Wii slur does not quite mean what most people think it means, but it will drive the less astute Xbots to a fantrum of staggering size and scope should this story gain wider currency and, at the end of the day, that’s all I want. Please.)

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