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This *Is* The Droid You Are Looking For

best of friends
A forbidden love, consummated, until their parents get wind of it

Another day, another hack, this time the iPhone is running Google’s Android OS:

David Wong, also known by his hacker name planetbeing, has managed to hack the iPhone allowing the smartphone to run Android.

The video above shows you the whole process from dual-booting the iPhone using OpeniBoot right through to launching and using the Android OS.

Although Wong admits a number of Android-specific drivers are missing, he demonstrates that a lot of the core functionality does work. Web surfing, music playback, sending a SMS message, and actually making a call in Android. He also re-purposed the volume button to make it the Home button in Android due to “a little bit of a button shortage on the iPhone”.

I’m guessing that nosey bitch Mama GOOG probably doesn’t have too much of a problem with this, since the Droid’s potential userbase just exploded providing them with plenty of free marketing until Apple patches the hole up with Spackle1.

1 Yes, Spackle is a proper noun and a registered trademark of the Muralo Company, so those of you that have been using it in Scrabble, up until very recently, have been collecting illicit points! Dad!

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