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AM In Your Head All Day


Go…Mighty Orbots!
They’re joining together to fight for what’s right every-where
Mighty Orbots!
Protecting the world from the shadow of evil and doom…Orbots!
Champions of justice and truth…


Go, Mighty Orbots
Mechanical heroes fighting for me and for you…

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  1. Chi
    04/23/2010 at 10:02

    Loved this cartoon. Actually, I loved anything with robots that combined together to make a BIGGER robot!

    Years later, I started thinking that I imagined the whole thing because no one else had ever heard of the show.

    • ECM
      04/23/2010 at 10:16

      Yeah, I still love combiners–it’s too bad this show didn’t run very long (one season?) before being canned and, iirc, it was quite a while after that that we got Voltron, so we had to make do w/ really badly-dubbed VHS ‘anime’ (we, of course didn’t call it that) in the interim.

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