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Jesus Christ: The Son of Man Becomes The Son of Slam

jesus is the son of man
If you’re going to do ‘edgy’1, you can do better than the KKK and Satan

I won’t hold my breath waiting for the version w/ Mohammad smiting infidels and apostates as that’s a good way to invite death threats, but this is sorta-kinda reminiscent of a chunky, Konami, beat ’em up. (If the creators had any balls–and actually wanted a really big audience–this game could be super-fun and not in a ‘crucifix in urine’ sorta way.)

I’m fairly certain CHI would approve of the lamb-into-wood-wielding-lion’s hands-on approach to sin. Hell (oops), maybe even the Knight, too.

And in other news, there’s also this: “New God game is Silent Hill for browsers, basically” which sounds…weird, but slickly-produced.

1 It’s funny how often ‘edgy’ is tired, trite and clichéd, isn’t it? Kinda like the exact opposite of edgy, in fact.

  1. 04/24/2010 at 00:58

    The KKK in a beat em up? Ninja Kids did it already, well, it was suppose to be satan’s army, but dressed all in white. I should jam some of that one of these days.

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