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Not Fantastic: Four Characters That Didn’t Make Marvel vs Capcom 3

This is not fantastic news

Well, that sucks:

AusGamers: So we can’t talk about any characters that are in the game (beyond those already revealed), but can I ask what characters didn’t make the cut from either the Capcom or Marvel side you really wanted in there?

Niitsuma: Oh, that’s a really nice question. There’s actually quite a list of characters who were on the table until mid-development who just couldn’t make it into the game for various reasons, but I wanted to include a couple of the monster-type characters, you know, from Resident Evil such as Nemesis or Tyrant, but they were considered a little to grotesque and disgusting and for ratings reasons they just didn’t make it. From the Marvel side there were a couple we were considering using, such as some of the Fantastic Four characters, but for various reasons we just couldn’t implement them, or they weren’t on the right table but Marvel came back and said “why not use this character instead”, and we responded “oh, okay that’s fine”, but unfortunately we couldn’t get any of the Fantastic Four into the game.

For the record, the Fantastic Four1 are my favorite Marvel superhero group by some measure (primarily due to John Byrne and Walt Simonson’s, separate, runs on the book) so this news kinda sucks all the (meager) interest I had in the game right through my ballcap (made of unstable molecules, nach)–if Arthur doesn’t make the cut (from Capcom’s side), all interest is lost!

Oh, and the Tyrant from Resident Evil is out, too…*yawn*.

1 Do NOT bring up the movies! I’m still recovering from them…Galactus…as an angry, planet-devouring…cloud…really guys?? A f*cking cloud?! Didn’t they already do that in Star Trek The Motion Picture?? Christ…

  1. 04/23/2010 at 10:38

    I really, really want to see Phoenix Wright in this.

    • ECM
      04/23/2010 at 10:43

      He almost made TvC so I think it’s a safe bet he’s going to make the cut…unlike the Fantastic Four…characters that someone besides game nerds* have heard of…grumble.

      *Comic nerds are people, too!

  2. 04/24/2010 at 05:14


    Galactus was a cloud in the movies?

    O_o hahahahahahahahaha

    Now I’m glad I didn’t watch them.

    • ECM
      04/24/2010 at 11:52

      Yes, a very angry cloud. (Actually, since he was a cloud, you couldn’t really tell much of anything cause, um, he was a freaking cloud!)

  1. 04/24/2010 at 12:38

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