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No, not like that

Misleading headline note: Sorry, practicing my Kotaku-style headlines like the pros who aren’t really pros because they’re bloggers even though, when it counts (swag, etc.) they are pros so that means…something…I dunno…they’re pros (I think) so they have it all figured out…right?

Actually it’s a PS2 controller on a PSP which is pretty neat because it requires zero hacking to the actual PSP beyond being able to run, um, hacks…on the actual PSP… so…never mind (but it’s still neat!):

The good news is that you don’t have to take apart your PSP to make it work1 , so that’s something, right?

1 Like some of us, because Sony shipped a shoddy, sub-standard (yeah, Sony–big surprise, right?) piece of junk which ‘we’ had to open and fix the crappy dpad that wouldn’t actually go right which, as you may have guessed, is kinda important. (Ken Kutaragi, at the time, insisted this was how it was supposed to work and, like, you’ll play and like it you gaijin whores.) And, yeah, *we’re* still a little bitter about it, though not quite as bitter as The Nerd’s tail of woe involving five PSPs, a stolen ICBM and the wherewithal to use it (he’ll do it! He’s Canadian and they’re…well…milquetoast…and crazy!) which he might recount in the comments and then dupe as a post on his site. Or I might do it, whichever one of us proves to be slightly less lazy…I’m about a 9 on the lazy scale right now, putting me near-comatose/almost dead. (And, yeah, this screed/footnote has a lot more words in it than the actual post so, really, it should have been the post and the video and stuff should have been the footnote, though it really doesn’t work the other way around…what?…Yeah, OK…*swallows meds*.)

  1. 04/24/2010 at 04:59

    Sony…. If he were a dude, I’d totally monitor punch him in the gut~

    I have another PSP coming my way. Perhaps we can work on whichever one sucks more.

  2. Chi
    04/24/2010 at 12:49

    Yea! PUGS!!!

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