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Resistance Is Futile!

We’re not done yet, Microsoft…*cracks knuckles*

But that’s not how some Halo 2 players see it:

While Microsoft shut down the original Xbox Live servers a week ago, dozens of dedicated players are keeping their consoles connected, promising to play until their consoles die or Microsoft boots them.

On April 15, Microsoft shut down the servers for the original Xbox Live, blocking users from taking original Xbox consoles online and blocking access to online features for original Xbox games via the Xbox 360. Dozens of players, however, have chose not to log off since that day, streaming their gameplay and vowing to keep their connections intact by any means necessary.

I applaud their spirit, and you can view their last act of defiance, before the Machine casts them into the outer darkness, here.

  1. 04/24/2010 at 22:41

    Aren’t there programs for the PC that allow you to play LAN games online? If Halo still has LAN functionality, I’d suggest doing that (for the people wanting the play Halo, that is).

    • ECM
      04/24/2010 at 22:42

      Yep, there are…or were…before Live existed, but I still think this makes for some very interesting theater.

      I mean, w/o rehashing my argument, the fact that the games you buy become, essentially, worthless past ‘x’ date is pretty weak tea and it’s something that’s only going to become more accepted as time goes on, so at least these rabblerousers might cause MS a minor PR headache before the lights are, finally, turned out.

      (And you sure as hell shouldn’t have to jump through hoops–like setting up tunneling software which someone has to create–to play the game you paid for.)

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