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Silpheed: The Model Kit

Silpheed the Model Kit: Way better than the games

I touched on this, very briefly, in a ‘stuff you missed‘ post but, since it’s Saturday (and slow/nobody reads blogs on a Saturday), I figured I’d throw up a few more pictures of this kit:

Way back in the Dark Ages of PC gaming, circa 1986, a game named Silpheed was released. It was about the Earth being attacked by Bad Guys, and portrays the Silpheed AS-77 craft as Earth’s last hope. Uh-huh. Whatever it’s origin, the design of this ship is pretty cool, and thanks to Plum you can now add it to your collection.

He’s right: the game this model kit is based on originated with the (awful) PC game but it also gave way to the (middling but visually, for the time, incredible) SegaCD game, progressed to a (yawn-inducing) PS2 game and, finally, gave way to the (very solid) 360 game so, all in all, it’s one of the more prolific, forgotten, games and now you can own the model based on it.

(So tons of Silpheed stuff and, yet, no Alisia Dragoon anything, Game Arts! I’ll take a bloody sippy cup and some licensed bobby pins! Anything!)

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