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Internet>Sony: Fix PS3 YLOD For Less Than a Dollar

Math is fun when it doesn’t cost $100+

And here I thought Sony employed PhDs in engineering to build their products:

Since we see quite often people here in forums asking for help regarding ylod, I wanted share my alternative method for repairing YLOD since I consider it to be easier and it doesn’t require complete dissassembly. This method has also worked for GLOD(green light of death – all lights seem normal but no video/audio output and controllers won’t sync). I have sent email to gilksy some time ago, but since he hasn’t replied I decided to post my method here. I actually discovered this first time some time before gilksy published his guide but since hadn’t much experience using this I didn’t post this.

Since problem is very similar to xbox’s RROD the fix fundamental is similar: add pressure to GPU and CPU. I tried various things(shim etc.) before I figured out how is the fix would be. You need just 4 big washers(diameter 40mm, hole 8mm and 1mm thick. You can find these every hardware store for less than 1euro.) to do this.1

This information is instructive for two reasons:

1. It beats sending your PS3 away to Sony and getting raped charged at least $100 to fix it as a part of Sony’s scheme ploy biz plan to put a PS3 Slim in every home.2

2. The fact that a fix this simple and innocuous wasn’t part of the original hardware spec for the device, leads me to the unavoidable conclusion that some dude on a random message board in the wilds of the Internet is more competent at electrical and mechanical engineering than Sony’s brightest bulbs.

Disclaimer: I have not, myself, tried this fix, so if your PS3 decides to hurt/maim/kill you for trying to tamper with its Planned ObsolescenceTM feature3 a la Hal9K, leaving your wife a widow and your child an orphan….can I have your stuff?

1 A Euro is worth, roughly, $1.30 as of today. (The washers will run you about 50 cents, tops, at Home Depot.)
2 Thus padding their hardware sell-through numbers, i.e. SOP for Sony since at least the PSOne.
3 One feature, I’m reasonably certain, Sony won’t be removing anytime soon.

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  1. 04/25/2010 at 19:01

    I’d buy that for a … wait, never mind.

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