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Galaxian-A-Like Distracts You From Work

It’s hard to “print screen” and play at the same time

Top Shmups has the goods:

Nayhax is a timed vertical shooter in the form of Galaga and games like that where the enemy come screaming down towards you. You only get three minutes of play but you can at time by collecting time capsules that are dropped on various levels throughout the game but you can also lose time doing the same thing. You only get one weapon of choice however there are upgrades that you can collect and you will need them in later levels and when you reach the boss stage they aren’t difficult but if you want to save time you need al you can get. Graphics and sound are very retro so retro fans will love this. Controls are Cursor keys to move and Ctrl to fire. This is a must for retro fans who want a quick shooter.

It’s actually quite good, as it turns out which, for a browser-based game, is saying something.1 (It doesn’t huirt that Galaxian is about the least-copied game design of all time2, just behind…Alisia Dragoon3.)

1 I place most browser-based games one notch above iPhone games and somewhere below the Bally Astrocade.
2 Yeah, yeah: it’s a Space Invaders riff—don’t bother me w/ details!
3 Yeah, yeah: it’s a Mystic Defender/Peacock King riff–don’t bother me w/ details!

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