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Holy Semen: Cure What Ails Ya (Except Stupidity)

semen, it only does everything!
Semen: It only does everything!

You thought this was another post joking about seamen and Shen Mue, right? That the headline was a typo or a play on words? If only:

An Israeli man has been imprisoned for 10 years for tricking women into sexual acts by claiming his semen was holy and had healing powers.

Nissim Aharon, a former employee at the Israeli defence ministry, was convicted of rape, sodomy, indecent acts and aggravated fraudulent acquisition.

Women paid him large sums of money, believing he was a holy rabbi who could heal body and soul, the court said.

Judges called his actions “monstrous”, exploiting “women young and old”.

“He would give these people different explanations: among others, that a holy scent comes from him, and that his semen is a holy fluid, which by contact could heal body and soul,” the statement said.

Exit question: precisely how stupid are the women that went in for this therapist’s scam? Oh, and they paid him for it, to boot. (You’d think the money part would have set off alarm bells, considering most guys can’t wait to give it away–hell, some will even pay you to take it.)

Don’t get me wrong: this cro-magnon motherf*cker should get every inch of the spiked, rusty hook to the genitals1 he has coming, but these women should do us all a favor and skip their child-bearing years if IQ is at all inheritable.

h/t: Pursuing Holiness (who had a much more succinct take on this than I)

1 Inserted rectally–you know, so it doesn’t scar as much. (We’re not complete barbarians, after all.)

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