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Set Phaser to Nerdgasm


Oh, and it gets better, Justin1: he has a tutorial so you can DIY:

12X Phaser Build – Key Features:

* Room for a nice size heatsink.
* Safety switch with LED. (sound will operate when the laser is NOT armed, and also when the laser IS armed)
* Custom ‘cone tipped’ EzFocus adapter.
* Using the stock trigger button from the phaser!
* FlexDrive: http://hacylon.case.edu/ebay/laser_d…_FlexDrive.php

Now if we could hook this phaser up to a flux capacitor, we could recreate the destruction of Alderaan!2

1 “Justin” is shorthand for any loser/nerd/dork/geek you know that became semi-tumescent upon viewing the video. What? My name isn’t “Justin”! That? It’s just the crease in my jeans!
2 The author of this post is now completely tumescent.


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