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Apple Feels a Disturbance in the Orchard

Palm finds relief–Apple, maybe not so much

Whoa: HP buys Palm:

We’ll have a lot of time to see how this plays out in the long run, but for now it’s pretty clear who’s gaining the most from this scenario—and who’s not. The winners: Palm, who gets the white knight they’ve been praying for. Consumers, who get the dual benefits of a healthy, broadly supported webOS and increased competition, generally. And developers, who will have another viable platform on which to showcase their goods.

The losers, predictably, end up being pretty much every other company with a smartphone OS. Microsoft, though, must be feeling the blow in particular. While HP will continue to make Windows Phone 7 products, they’ve gone from being a key partner to a serious competitor in a single afternoon.

This will be meaningless for non-gizmo/tech gearheads, but it certainly is a huge win for Palm and now maybe they’ll have the fighting chance they didn’t have solo. (Or, this being HP, they could be left for dead, the victim of tech neglect.)

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