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Mario Drives a Hard Bargain

$150 for 500GB?? Of course I want one, but I’m weak-willed and foolish…like you

OK, it’s hardly a bargain at the per-gigabyte level1, but it’s still pretty neat even if pretty much anyone2 could crack open a SNES cart, Dremel out a hole for a USB cable and you’re gtg, but that would require A. effort and B. an attention span not eroded from decades of playing games like… Super Mario World:

This vintage SNES game, Super Mario World, has been custom crafted and re-purposed into this terrifically geeky external hard drive enclosure! This price is for a 500 GB drive, but it is also available in 320 GB and 640 GB. Contact me for pricing.

Our drives are made with Toshiba 2.5″ hard drives, and are 100% powered by the USB cable: No need to plug it in! USB Cable included with every hard drive. Not a fan of Super Mario World? We can make any game of your choice into a custom enclosure. We have many games in stock, but if we don’t have it, we’ll find it for you. See our Shop Policies section for a complete list of our games in stock.

And they also have these for slightly less dinero3:

Must have over-priced piece of gaming kitsch

1 Still a helluva lot better than what the vultures at Microsoft charge as they feast on your wallet like its Prometheus’ regenerating liver.
2 I mean anyone: your Mom, my brother, an egg-laying green dinosaur, etc.
3 Spanish for less severe fiscal sodomy.

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