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Samus Caught With Her Top Down

See? Top down!

I can just hear the furious clicking as this one makes its way across Twitter, Facebook and RSS only to culminate in Kotaku-like1 heartbreak:

What many of you are probably wondering is, “What can be done with a Metroid fan-game that hasn’t already been done either by a fan or the makers themselves?” Well, there are a few things…

1. The only other major project that I know of using a top-down style is “Metroid: Reborn.” I have spoken to him before, and from what I understand, the project is still under development. Another was a game being made by MetroidMaker on the Fan Mission forums. From what I understand, he killed development, made some of his sprites public, and those are what I use as a basis for everything.

2. There is a subtle stat system. This may be something you recognize in a level-up RPG, minus the level-up part. For example, you are able to switch between your different suits. There are a total of six. Each suit has its own “perks.” Maybe one suit allows faster movement, greater defense, amplified attack power, etc…

3. Aside from being able to switch between your suits at will, you are also able to do so with beams, traditional to the Metroid Prime series. The difference is that there are currently 17 weapons in this game. That does not include the Morph Ball and other items that are more “indirect” weapons.

4. Interactive scenes will begin implementation sometime in the distant future. You might be asking, “What the hell is that?” For example, you are on the space station at the start of the game, and you are ambushed by Space Pirates upon leaving. Instead of being shot down and landing on some extraterrestrial planet, or chasing a potential bounty to the surface (similar to a traditional Metroid game), you will be interacting with the scene. You won’t just watch your ship fly to the planet. YOU will fly it!

This is a fan game, so don’t get too excited that “YOU will fly it!” anytime soon (if ever) but it certainly is a different spin on Metroid than, say, voxel Metroid or the remake of Metroid 2, etc.

1 In other words, you read a headline like Nintendo Sells Out to Sony only to find out that it’s a story about Nintendo selling their skybox to the Hanshin Tigers to someone loosely-affiliated with Sony (i.e. a random shareholder), except that this headline is actually accurate, though likely to engender different expectations given the proclivities of the readerbase.

  1. kog3100_edw
    04/28/2010 at 13:30

    Ha. You KNOW the proclivities of your reader base. Hence the preponderance of double-entendre headlines. In a way you are responsible for spreading tumescence amongst the Arch-Nerd and his ilk. The Friday posts just seal the deal.

    Does that make you feel triumphant… or a little icky?

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