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Twitter is Alight With the Sound of Sony Being Sued

Lady Justice tells it like it is

Over the removal of Linux, of course:

Sony sued over PS3 Linux removal. Details coming.

But, as I’ve noted elsewhere:

…Sony has, in all likelihood, taken this into account before stripping the OtherOS functionality out so that they are prepared, legally and financially, for some blowback, i.e. they knowingly took the risk and are willing to pay the fine, but there’s no way they’re going to be put into a position of restoring it…

So here’s how I see this situation proceeding without even knowing a damn thing about it:

1. Such and such ambulance-chasing ‘law’ firm initiates a class action on behalf of Joe Schmoe and a million of his friends.
2. Since removing Linux was a calculated risk (see above), Sony knew this was coming and already have the settlement set aside.
2a. Sony settles out of court for $5 coupons on PSN (good only towards a select list of outdated titles published by Sony, nach) and a million bucks to the ambulance chaser. (So nothing changes except some of us get a $5 coupon for some sh*tty game and some virus in an Italian suit gets a fat check.)
3. OtherOS (e.g. Linux) functionality will not be restored, period, as Sony will “admit to no wrongdoing”.
4. Sony wins as pre-ordained by their legal team back when they ran through the pros and cons of stripping Linux.

Did I miss anything?

Like I’ve said: the only thing that could possibly have resulted in Sony backing down would have been a massive, crushing, outcry from the userbase but that, of course, didn’t happen, because most people simply don’t care unless it’s their sacred ox being gored.1

1 See, for example, teenagers living in Cali that can’t buy M-rated games freaking out about the recent Supreme Court brouhaha as they dance like puppets to the song and dance the ESA is playing, despite not quite grasping the fact that, as minors, they have virtually no rights to violate, thus making this case, on First Amendment grounds, moot. (I could–and will–descend into a rant about Federalism, etc., but I’ll save that for another post.)

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