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You Got Your Castlevania, Megaman and Contra in My Super Mario Bros.

pure awesome!
Play this now! Then someone port it to console or DS!

Normally I would never be so cruel as to subject the readers of this blog to the output of Newgrounds (there is a good game on there…every 1000 or so attempts), but in this case I think we can all agree that this is pretty bloody awesome:

This is my first game, and I have worked on it for over a year. It has been a long journey, but I think you will see that all of my effort has paid off. I have recreated the entire game of Super Mario Bros, but now you can play as different characters. Each character plays just like they do in their original games with a few modifications to make the experience better.

This is my tribute to classic NES games, and anyone who grew up playing Nintendo should enjoy it. Now please enjoy the hell out of this game and experience Super Mario Bros in a whole new way!

And yes, I know that controlling Simon Belmont in the air isn’t easy, but that’s what makes him special. And he can double jump to help you control it a bit more. 😉

I highly recommend playing this with a gamepad if you have one, but you can still enjoy it with a keyboard.

I strongly suggest digging out a gamepad for this one since, playing it for a few minutes with a keyboard really just sucks the joy out of it, but play it you must! One way or another! That’s it! I have nothing cute or clever to add! Go! Now! Play!

h/t: FlyTrap Games

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