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New (Old) N64/Sin & Punishment News

Now in English!

In case you missed this the first couple of times around, it’s now been officially (ooh, aah!) translated for you heathen in the West:

Nintendo has published an official translation of its “Iwata Asks” feature about Sin & Punishment 2, in which president Satoru Iwata and men from Treasure discuss how bats*** difficult it was to make anything work on the N64.

“That was because Nintendo 64 drastically changed how things were made up through the Super NES system,” Iwata explained in the piece, reminiscing about his time at HAL Laboratory. “We ran up against how to make the best use of 3D graphics, and the team had quite a hard time.”

This is Treasure *and* Iwata talking so you young ‘uns, unschooled in the geekly arts that drove the N64, should sit up and take notice–the rest of you jaded sods should just kick back and wait for the next story on this very, veeeeeery, slow day.

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